Monday, 28 October 2013

Vintage and handmade

Yesterday, I mentioned a post that never got posted.  Well here it is.  This is what I had said, my thoughts on selling vintage alongside handmade. I have removed the previous shop that was being promoted and instead included some links to some lovely vintage shops.  I hope you enjoy browsing.

"I think most people by now have heard of Etsy.  It is bigger and more popular in the USA but still very well known here in the UK. It is known particularly for its handmade arts and crafts.  If you were to ask an average person in the street what do you know about Etsy or what does Etsy sell they would say handmade crafts.

So did you know that Etsy also sell vintage items?  Well they do. To be honest, I find it odd.  The marriage of vintage goods with handcrafted items does not sit well for me.   They do not seem to go together from a selling point of view. Before I started selling on Etsy I would never have thought of it as a place to look for vintage goods. But I am discovering some lovely ones."

Here are the links to some of my Craft Britannia teamies shops. 

Willows Room: For vintage fashion especially childrens.
Muntjac Vintage: For lovely housewares.  

Sophies Cupboard: For wonderful china.

Collective MiX: Clothing and vintage knitting patterns.

8ForHeaven: For jewellery and more.

I would really like to hear your thoughts about selling both vintage and handmade goods together in the same place.  Do you think it works?  Do you think the two go together? Please add any thoughts in the comments. 


Poor neglected blog

Oh dear my Fabrilushus blog has been very neglected. I had such good intentions when I began and I started out well.  I was doing posts on various suppliers that I love, Craft Britannia "shop of the week" and some features on other Etsy sellers.

Actually it is that last one that caused me to stop.  I asked on Twitter one day if anybody fancied being featured on my blog.  I was approached by a lady who sells some handmade stuff and some vintage stuff. I wrote a very nice article for her with a good number of photos show casing her shop.

In my article I spoke about how I personally find it a little odd that Etsy sells both handmade items and vintage items. To me the two things seem to be an awkward marriage.  I fail to see how vintage bits and bobs has anything to do with handmade items.

I sent my blog post to this lady to read and proof check. I had put a lot of time and effort into it. Sadly she didn't like what I had said regarding my thoughts on selling vintage alongside handmade and she got very stroppy.  Quite unpleasant in fact.

Now, I could have gone ahead and posted that blog anyway minus her photos of course.  I chose not to as I thought she could become nasty. However having put so much effort in to try and promote her I felt thoroughly deflated and frankly I couldn't be bothered.

Now, I wish I had of posted it anyway.  I shouldn't let one stroppy madam put me off. I didn't say anything negative and praised her highly. I just aired my opinion. Actually, I still stick by that opinion.

Anyway, time has passed and I want to resume activities here at Fabrilushus and I am annoyed with myself that I let one silly woman put me off of posting on my own blog.

SO.........Fabrilushus the blog is now back in action.  I will be posting all kinds of things that I hope will appeal to you. I will resume with "shop of the week", recommended suppliers, tutorials, videos and much more.  Even the occasional interview.

If you would like me to show case you then please let me know.

Here is to happy days ahead and many pink cupcakes.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Potter at an Art Fair

This is absolutely brilliant but sadly it is a scenario that is too true.  Many people have no idea of the time and skill that goes into creating one of a kind, handcrafted items.