Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mad Mum Knits

Good morning.  Hope that where ever you are and what ever you are doing you are having a great time.

Today's post is about a fellow Craft Britannia team member called Liz.  Liz knits.  That is not her name it is what she does!  LOL.  She runs an Etsy shop called "Mad Mum Knits".

I wish I could knit. Well, knit complicated, gorgeous stuff anyway.  I can do plain and purl stitches but nothing fancy. In my entire life I think I have knitted just 7 things.  My first was a jumper for Simon when I first knew him.  It was very basic and if I remember correctly it came out quite large! I never got the hang of holding the needles properly. I have the right hand needle propped up vertically in my lap and use the left hand one to kind of knit around it.  The right needle never moves.   Normally both needles would be sticking out and both moving.

It's odd really that I never learnt properly.  I grew up in a house where everything was hand knitted.  My Mum was never without her knitting.  My sister is an excellent knitter.   I probably could do better if only I had the time to give it another go.  For now, if I want hand knitted then I have to go to someone who can do it properly.

Liz can most definitely do it properly!

Liz lives in Cornwall and not only does she knit tea cosies, gloves, scarves and household accessories but she designs patterns too.  Now that is a talent I really admire.  It is one thing to follow a pattern but to be able to write one is pretty clever.

Here are some examples of some of Liz's current stock. All items are of course for sale just click HERE.

At Craft Britannia we like to start our Christmas preparations early.  Yes, I did say Christmas!  Etsy actually run a Christmas in July promotion!  Really!

Liz has been very busy the last few weeks designing her own range of knitted Christmas tree decorations. How cool is that?  She assures me that they are easy enough to do.

Aren't they just so cute?  All of the above can be purchased from Liz's shop "Mad Mum Knits".  Just click on the link.

You can also find Liz here: