Sunday, 17 November 2013

Craft Britannia Shop of the week - NanFan Jewellery

It's Sunday so that means the Craft Britannia team have just announced the new shop of the week.  It is actually the last SOTW for 2013.

This week it is the turn of a shop called NanFan Jewellery which is run by Nana who lives in Sheffield. Nana originates from Denmark and grew up surrounded by fairy tales.  The jewellery that she makes totally by hand, is inspired by nature and those fairy tales from her childhood and her homeland.

Here are some examples of her work all of which are currently for sale in her shop.


You can read more about Nana’s shop and her influences here: and also on the Craft Britannia team blog here:

Also check out NanFan’s social media links:
Facebook: @NanFanJewellery
Pinterest: Sycamoon


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  1. Hi Jilly. Thank you so much for the shout out :o)
    Wish I could sew like you!