Monday, 25 November 2013

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Who hasn’t heard of the Missouri Star Quilt Company?  If you do any kind of quilting or patchwork you will surely be familiar with them. 

I first came across them about 2 years ago when I was looking on YouTube for a tutorial on mitring the corners of my quilt binding.  Since then I have watched many of Jenny’s excellent tutorials. I have even made several items using her instructions
For anyone who may not have come across them, here is some background. The MSQC is a family business that has been going for just 5 years.  They have built the business from nothing to the huge success that it is today.  They are based in Hamilton in Missouri which is in Merika.  IE. Across the big puddle from us in the UK.  How I wish they were nearer.  I would so love to visit.  How cool would it be to actually meet the famous Jenny Doan?

You can read more about their journey on their about page:

Their video tutorials which you can find HERE are just one part of their business.  They also sell just about the biggest range of fabrics in Merika and they ship worldwide (If you can afford the postage!  Unfortunately that has always remained prohibitive for me).

They sell fabric by the yard and also a full range of pre-cuts including charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes.   They have a ginormous range of notions and anything you could possibly need for quilting you will find here. 

One of the things that make them so special is their “Quilter’s Daily Deal”.  Every single day of the year they have a new deal which is hugely discounted. EG. As I write this today the deal is “Kansas Troubles Favorites II” Charm Pack from Moda Fabrics which is selling at just $2.95 making a whole 78% off the price.  Incredible. 

In addition to all this they also offer a long arm quilting service and quilting retreats.   You can find the MSQC here:

Somewhere near the beginning of this post I mentioned that I had used some of the tutorials to make my own things and I thought you might like to see.  I am including 2 of the videos as well.  If you want to see more of the MSQC videos then go here:

The first video is how to make 3 tote bags from one charm pack.

I have made no end of these tote bags. Here are a few of mine.


I have made them in all kinds of sizes including this dinky child’s one.

My 86 year old Dad made this one.

The second video is the disappearing 4 patch block.

I have used this mainly for cushions and these are a few of mine. 

I love the way the different fabrics and colours totally change the look of the whole project.

I hope this has inspired you to check out all the wonderful tutorials. Oh, did I remember to say they are free?  THEY ARE FREE!!!!

Here are the links again