Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Everything Etsy

Everything Etsy is a blog that is SO much more than just Etsy.  In fact having the word Etsy in the title may put some people off from having a peek.  You may think it is just a shop but it is way, way more.

This is what they have to say:  "We blog about all kinds of creative awesomeness! Handmade Gifts, Selling on Etsy, Ikea Hacks, Free Printables, Blogging & Social Media and so so so much more! Follow along and join over 100,000 fans and followers. Blogging since 2008"

If you don't know of them then I suggest you get over there pretty quick and take a looksie for yourself. There is some amazing inspiration for your Christmas decor including links to 25 handmade Christmas wreaths.  Here are a few examples.

The one above was done by Tricia of Simplicity in The south.  A great blog worth checking out.

As well as a whole host of tutorials and lots of free printables, there is also a fantastic resource area full of advice for anyone wishing to sell their handmade goodies online.

One of my favourite tutorials on Everything Etsy right now is the one for Soy Candles.  I am SO desperate to have a go at making some of these.  Perhaps in the new year!  My new year is going to be packed full!

You can see the tutorial here: Soy Candles  if you want to have a go. To pique your interest here are a couple of photos from the tutorial.

From this
To this
To this

Aren't they just so drool worthy?

If you are looking for craft inspiration or help and advice to get you selling online then I can thoroughly recommend Everything Etsy.  If you do have a go at any of their tutorials, please drop by and tell us all what you made.

Jilly @ Fabrilushus