Monday, 20 May 2013

Craft Britannia - Shop of the week

One of the things that I like very much about Etsy is that there are lots of teams that you can join. I have joined the Craft Britannia team which is a UK only team.   They are such a brilliant lot and without their helpful advice and encouragement I think I would have given up by now!  I thought that things were going to happen much more quickly but it seems that it takes time.

Craft Britannia, or team CB as we like to be called, promote a team members shop each week.  This week it is Sethayla’s shop - Aisling Designs.  

Sethayla makes gorgeous bunting for all occasions and also hand knitted and crocheted woolly creations.  There are a few photos here but please go and check out her shop by clicking Here

The vintage doiley bunting is one of Sethayla’s latest creations.  How brilliant is that and how perfect for a wedding maybe?  She does do commissions, so if you find some old doilies and want to do something with them rather than just have them sitting in your cupboard then Seth is your girl.

I hope you have enjoyed this little peak in to Aisling Designs.