Monday, 9 December 2013

A custom order completed.

Evening all.  How are you?  I am recovering from dental surgery this evening.  I had to have a back, upper tooth removed due to a nasty abscess. I had it done under intravenous sedation so I am still suffering from a bit of brain fog!

I have several blogs half written and a few in the planning stage but I need something relatively easy tonight so I thought I would show you my completed applique cat cushion.  It was a custom order for a lady who had already purchase an owl cushion from me.  I showed you a photo of it in the early stages.

Here it is completed.  My customer was delighted with it.

I do enjoy making cushion covers and they are one of my items that seems to be doing better.  My top best selling items are, in order:

1. Wire, heart hangers for quilts and wall hangings.
2. Hip pouches or bum bags or fanny packs, seems to go by different names depending where on the globe you are!
3. Cushion covers.
4. Tote bags.

I am wondering about making changes to Fabrilushus in the new year to reflect what seems to be selling best for me.  We shall see.

I have just sold My lovely red Dalmatian cushion.

Sold 3 hip pouches this week too.  This one is a custom order from a friend of my daughter.

I have just listed this new one but I need to take better photos.

Lastly, we received a custom order for a Christmas tree hanger and this is what we come up with.  The photo needs urgently redoing but it has already sold a 2nd one.

Speaking of the need for better photos, I am in the market for a new one so any suggestions or advice will be gratefully received.  I don't want anything too complicated.  I am thinking of a bridge camera maybe?

 Jilly @ Fabrilushus