Monday, 20 January 2014

Crafty Creatives - box 16

Way, way back in November I told you about Crafty Creatives subscription boxes.  They have now changed the format a bit so they include a complete kit rather than themed items. To be honest I haven't even opened my last 2 boxes yet. I struggled so much to make anything useful from my first box which was box 16 - Victorian Circus Theme.

I like the idea of the boxes but am not sure how I am going to like the new ones with kits.  I'll let you know. They certainly were good value for money as they were packed to the brim with goodies. Only thing is, I have struggled to use said goodies!!

Anyway, I did say that I would show you what I made with the contents of box 16. So...... There was a kit to make an animal pendant. Hmm, OK not something I really see myself wearing but I can give it to Ellie maybe.  So far I have glued the bits on the plastic elephant and he just needs Simon to make a hole so I can screw in the eyelet for the chain.  I don't feel this was much of a kit to be honest.


I used the 2 craft papers and one of the stripey buttons to make 2 of my February birthday cards. The stripey buttons are quite cool and I will be able to use them in other projects.


I have not used the circus stamp set and to be honest the stamps are so tiny that I can't really see many uses. Then there were the admission tickets and someone somewhere suggested using them with the glue to make paper beads and then make a pendant. OK, so I did that. Couldn't really think of anything else. Once again they seemed an odd addition to the box, but that is just my opinion. I did learn a cool technique for joining them together by threading the cord backwards and forwards. I was even brave enough to wear it out!!! My son did take the "Mickey" out of it!  Can't really see me wearing it again.

The other sort of kit thing was to transfer an image to a cardboard coaster. 2 sheets of black and white circus images were included but I decided to use a colour photo of my dogs. I am glad that I tried the technique as I have never done it before but to be honest I wasn't thrilled with the result. I may try the technique again at some point.

I have yet to do anything with the string of purple beads or the charms. So to conclude, I didn't really make anything at all useful.  For my money, and for future projects I have some PVA glue, 2 big red and white buttons, a string of purple beads and some small charms which I may or may be not able to use.  I could have actually purchased those items for way less than the £12.95 the box cost.

This definitely was not a good box for me. I am just starting on box 17 now which is a Medieval theme which I think maybe even less up my street but I'll see.  If you are interested in the new format boxes you can check them out HERE.They are a great company.  All opinions are purely my own.