Monday, 20 January 2014

My Knitting Technique.

Recently when talking about doing knitting for my January crafting challenge I happened to mention my "technique".  It seems that I do it a little differently to most people!!

I remember my Mum would have her elbows out and both needles would be kind of going at the same time. They used to fly.  I can't do it like that.  I have tried but it just doesn't work.  If I manage to get the needle through the stitch then I have no fingers or hands left to move the wool around. 

So, the way that I do it is to hold the right hand needle in a vertical fashion and to kind of use the left needle to move around it. The right needle does not move. Everyone seemed very confused when I said this so I have done a video for you.  I hate videos of myself and hate the sound of my voice too so don't look at me or listen to me, just be amused by my novel knitting technique"

It works for me.  Well so far!