Thursday, 23 January 2014

Crafty Creatives - box 17

This was my second subscription box from the lovely peeps at Crafty Creatives. I have yet to make anything much from it but I thought you might like to see what was in it.  It is box number 17 which I think was the November box.  It is a themed box -Medieval.   OK, not sure again if it is really for me but it does have some rather nice bits and pieces.

This is what it contains:   Box 17 : Medieval

Art card by Luisa Kelle
CC kit : bead woven pearl bracelet
20 gold fleur-de-lis charms
5 silver shield pendants
2 bronze crown charms
1 fat quarter of floral printed fabric
Metamica paint in silver by Stewart Gill
Angelina fibres in metallic colours
2 sheets of printed papers
String of red glass crystal beads
Roll of washi tape
2 bronze filigree stampings

My thoughts so far..... The bead woven pearl bracelet does look good.  I have never done any kind of jewellery making so I am rather looking forward to getting started on this.  It looks fiddly but i have read the instructions and I think it is do able.  Looks like something I would wear too. 

The FQ of fabric is quite lovely but I haven't yet decide what to make with it.  I may make a cushion. 

Other items that may be useful are the washi tape, metamica paint, and the red beads.

I have already used one of the bronze filigree stampings in a felt brooch.

That leaves, the art card, the charms and pendants, Angelina fibres and printed papers.  Not sure when or how I can possibly use those.  To be honest I don't know what the art card is all about really. 

So is it value for money?  In my opinion, for my use, this box probably has given me good value.  The bracelet kit would probably cost around £5 if purchased in a hobby store.  A FQ of Fabric around £2, Not sure of the price of Washi tape but am guessing at maybe £1.50? The paint I would think would be around £3 and the beads maybe a pound so that gives a total of = £12.50.  OK, I probably would not have purchased the paint but it may be interesting to try it out. 

I need to mention here that if you do subscribe to Crafty Creatives you are able to return any box to them for a full refund should you decide that it isn't for you. 

They are also on Facebook and Twitter and you can find useful advice and hints for projects.

Twitter - @Crafty Creatives
FB -

I am hoping to begin on the bracelet this week so will let you know how it goes.