Saturday, 25 January 2014

January Knitting Challenge Progress.

Well, I am very pleased to say that I am keeping at it!  Never thought I would get this far actually.  I was so pleased with the fingerless mittens that I knew I had to find something else.

While I was searching easy patterns I knitted a 3rd square using up the mitten yarn and some mint green.  It is actually square even though the photo makes it look wonky!  Not sure if I said before but OH reckons if I knit about 50 of these I would have enough for a  doggie blanket!  Hmm, that is going to take a while!

While I was looking for patterns I came across one for a keyhole scarf very similar to the gorgeous one that I purchased recently from my teamie Jarg0n.  You can see it below with it's matching mitts and headband.

The pattern looked manageable as it is mainly garter stitch and rib like I did on the mittens.  It did mean that I had to learn how to increase and decrease and I can tell you that was a learning curve!!  I Googled it and watched some videos which made it look simple enough....... yeah right!  I found it incredibly difficult to get the needle in the back of the stitch.  I am still not convinced that I was doing it totally right but it has come out OK so who cares!

Work in progress.  I have no idea why the wool looks pink here.  These were taken with my iPad.

The finished article.  This is the actual colour of the wool.  A pale lilac.

My ribby bit for the key hole is a bit loose. Not sure why that is.  Not sure that the wool was totally correct either but I am still working with scrap balls that were given to me.

Anyway, I am secretly dead chuffed with myself.  Never imagined I could make something like this.

I am now looking for my next challenge.  I would like to knit the mitts again for OH but they need to be much bigger and I don't know how to make them bigger.  Well, I know I would need more stitches and to knit more rows, I'm not totally thick!  I just need someone to tell me exactly how many stitches and rows!!

I do want a new project though and am looking online for easy, free patterns.  I am thinking of a cowl or maybe a baby jacket for Saskia's baby.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me links to good pattern sites and wool shops.

Until I decide what to do next I shall knit some more squares.  Only another 47 needed for a doggie blanket!!!