Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Crafty Creatives Boxes 18 & 19

I have finally got around this week to opening 3, yes 3, Crafty Creatives boxes!  I have just been so busy so I have saved them up until I had time to inspect them in detail.

The first one I opened was the last of the themed boxes.  Crafty Creatives have changed the format.  From this month each new box will contain just one large kit rather than several small ones and bits and pieces.

So, Box 18 - The Handmade Box.   What was  inside?

A pin cushion kit, including wadding and 2 squares of fabric.
Tiny button charms.
Glass tiles and bails to make pendants.
Scissors charms.
Wooden bobbins a3.
"Handmade with love" ribbon.
Metal altoids tin.
Small pack of neutral buttons.
"Handmade" wooden tags x2
Sticky pencil for picking up tiny jewels etc.
Khadi paper x 3 small pieces. (Made in India from recycled rags).


So what might I use?  I will use the fabric but probably not for a pin cushion. I will make some pendants with the glass tiles. Buttons are always handy.  The charms will probably be used eventually.

The wooden bobbin, the tin and the paper seem like cheap add ons.  I can't see me being able to make anything with these.   It is a very basic box, I think.  Nothing of real worth.  I didn't feel this was very good value.

Box 19 - Marbling Kit
Next up is box 19 the first of the new format.  I opened it up, not sure what to expect as it was quite heavy.  It contains a marbling kit.  Consisting of a large bottle of some kind of water thickener, 7 small bottles of ink, half a dozen small cards, 2 small pieces of scrap, cotton fabric and a porcelain heart.  Basic instruction sheet.


Obviously, I have yet to try this out as I have only just unwrapped it.  I have never tried marbling before so I am quite looking forward to giving it a go. However my thoughts are that it is not something that I would have ordinarily purchased and it does seem quite pricey for what is actually in the box which has now gone up to £15 plus P&P at £2.75.

I am debating at this point in time about cancelling this subscription. I did like the old format boxes but probably wouldn't have continued any longer with them.  I think what was needed there was a lot more ideas of what to do with the contents on the Crafty Creatives blog.  Sadly, their blog hardly ever seems to be updated.   As for the new format of 1 big kit, my concern is that sooner or later it will be a kit for a craft I already do. As I said in an earlier post you can always return them but that incurs costs.

That said, and this is totally unrelated, I found out in a forum on Etsy yesterday that legally a seller is obliged to cover return postage costs no matter what the reason for return.  It is stated in the distance selling regulations.

I think Crafty Creatives do allow you to just make one of purchases of individual boxes once they have been released to subscribers so I think I may do that instead of subscribing.  That way I will know what I am getting and can decide if I want to order it.

Crafty Creatives are a good Company.  They offer a very professional service and if you like what is in the box and can make use of it then they generally offer fair value. My problem is that I now have lots of bits that will never get used.

All opinions here are my own.

I said at the beginning of this post that I opened 3 boxes..... the 3rd one was the Christmas special and I will do a separate blog for that.