Thursday, 30 January 2014

Knitting progress.

Morning!  Thought I would drop in to show you my knitting progress. I am now working with the chunky wool on the pattern that I got from MadMum aka Liz. 

I began with the headband.  The pattern is easy enough once you get used to it but does involve wrapping the wool twice around the needle to form the loops and I had never done that before. You can see the loops in the bottom photo.   I have yet to sew the headband together as I do not have a sewing needle with a big enough eye!  A friend gave me a darning needle but as the wool is chunky it still wouldn't fit.  I have ordered some special needles now.   They are plastic.

Next I started on a mitten. These are much fancier mittens than the ones that I did a few weeks ago. They have a thumb!  I managed quite well with the pattern up until the point where you need to shape the thumb.  I think I have it right!  It does look odd though as I have stitches on both needles and this bit in the middle.  Once again, I can't progress as I need to sew the thumb together first.  Not too sure where I go after that as it involves picking up stitches.  Liz said she will skype me so she can show me but I have my friend Denise coming tomorrow and as she is a brilliant knitter I am sure she will be able to show me.


So at a standstill once again, I decided to begin on the cowl.  This should be easy as it is just the 6 rows of the pattern repeated until it is 20 inches long.  The challenge however is that this is on jumbo needles.  Well they seem jumbo to me!  7.5mm, that is big right?  I found the casting on awkward but once I got going it was fine.  It is about halfway I think.  I am a bit unsure about the loose edge on one side but the pattern makes big loops.  I think it will be lovely when it is completed.  The colour in this photo is much truer to life than the ones above where it looks lilac.  It is pink. 

Hopefully it won't take too long and then I can do the scarf and I will be all set for the winter weather.   I will do a post of me wearing them soon.