Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Knitting challenge

I'm still persevering with the knitting.  Yesterday I finished my 2nd square.  I had the correct number of stitches and I think it is slightly better than the first one although something is not quite right on one side near the beginning,  Hey ho!  I'll do another one.

Now this is much more exciting than knitted squares, this is real knitting.  Something functional that I can actually use.  Well hopefully!  A friend on the Etsy, Craft Britannia team who spins her own wool, dyes it herself and then writes her own patterns before knitting gorgeous garments has allowed me to test a pattern for her.

It is a beginners pattern for fingerless mittens and she has very kindly sent me some of her own beautiful wool to make them with.  It arrived today.

Isn't it just gorgeous?  The colour is actually about halfway between what you see in the 2 photos.  Still trying to get to grips with the camera!

If you would like to see more of Spinnings work then you can visit her shop here :Spinning Streak

I will do a blog post all about her in the next week or so and don't forget to check back and see how my mittens are doing.