Tuesday, 7 January 2014

One of my favourite Christmas presents.

I had lots of Christmas presents. Those of you that follow my personal blog "Don't worry be happy" will have already heard all about my lovely new Nikon camera.  It's red!

Our family did a secret Santa this year and my daughter Verity was the person who got me in the draw.  She gave me a gift bag full of lovely things but the best thing in that bag was possibly the thing that cost her the least in money but most in effort.

I LOVE buttons.  All kinds of buttons.  I had mentioned how nice it would be to have some vintage buttons. I have a few but not many.  Verity not only found me some vintage buttons but she also found a wonderful vintage tin for them.  I am so thrilled.

This is the tin.  Don't you just love it?  There is something about that little girl and boy.

These are the buttons.
These are my absolute favourites.

Just have to decide what projects to use them in now!  I do have quite a lot of buttons so I shall take some more photos and show you.  If anyone has any they would like to sell (or donate ;) ) Please get in touch.