Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Missing in Action

Well February has been and gone and so has half of March.  I had such good intentions but life kind of came along and messed them up.

My Dad had a very serious stroke at the beginning of February.  He spent the whole month in the Lister hospital in Stevenage and then on the 4th of March he was moved to a specialist neurological unit for rehabilitation. Sadly he has just today been moved back to the Lister as he is very poorly.

I have been keeping busy but find it hard to really engage my brain for blogging.  As you know I had intended to try a new craft each month.  January was knitting. I have continued with basic items. I have knitted 2 more pairs of the mitts with thumbs.  One pair in the pink again and one pair in black along with a black cowl for Simon. He hasn't actually worn them as the weather has been milder.  I have also done lots of garter stitch squares.

As promised in my last blog here are the photos of me in my new kit. You can have a good laugh at the one where I have my eyes closed!


So knitting was fairly successful although I have yet to try anything harder.

I did choose a new craft for February....... Button Craft.  Tell you about that tomorrow.