Friday, 31 January 2014

January's craft challenge is over.

As you know this month I have been trying out knitting.  Well January has been and gone so time to discuss how it went.

I began with 8 inch squares in garter stitch so that I could practise.  I have now done 10 of them using up all sorts of scrap wool that I have.  Some squares are better than others!  Some look more or less perfect whilst others have mistakes including holes where I have lost stitches.  If I ever get around to knitting enough for a blanket, I am sure Loulou will not mind!

I started out knitting fingerless mittens as my first real garment.  That was the pattern that I tested for my friend..  They turned out really well.

After that I found a free pattern online for a fifties style keyhole scarf.  I was so pleased with myself when that worked out OK.  It was fiddly doing that keyhole bit as the stitches get put on a holder and that was a new thing for me.  I think it could have been a bit tighter in that area but also I think I used  wool that was too thin. Neverless it is wearable and looks quite cute.

Once that was finished I purchased a pattern from another Etsy friend for a cowl, a scarf, mittens and a headband. It is knitted with chunky wool on big needles.  Both new things for me to try out.  The pattern is worked over 6 rows and includes a new technique for me of wrapping the wool twice to form a loopy pattern.  It is really beautiful.

I found the cowl, scarf and headband relatively straight forward but the mittens were more of a challenge.  I was OK until I had to shape the thumb and that took  bit of pondering!  I think I did it right as it looks OK.

I am really, really pleased with how they all turned out.

So, in 31 days staring from the very beginning I have managed to knit 10 garter stitch squares, 2 pairs of fingerless mittens, 1 keyhole scarf, 1 cowl and 1 long scarf.  I think that is pretty good going.  Did I enjoy it?  Yes!  Will I continue?  Yes I shall.   I don't think I am ever going to be fantastic at this, not sure that I would have the patience to do anything beyond the basics or even that I want to.

I do intend to carry on with the squares as they are very easy and  it is relaxing and I can do it and sort of half watch the TV.  I have also ordered some chunky wool in plain black to knit a cowl and fingerless mitts for Simon to wear when he works in the garage. I am still on the look out for a very basic hoodie jacket that I can knit for Saskia's baby too.

I will of course continue to update you on my progress over the coming months.  Look out for photos of me wearing my new woolies very soon.

So with January over it is time to choose my new craft for February............Hmmm.................. I know............