Sunday, 1 December 2013

Barks and Bunnies

Today's post is something a little different.  The Fabrilushus blog usually features people who knit and sew and do other crafts.  However it is primarily about quality, handmade goods and that includes home baked goodies. 

You all know how much I love my dogs and all the other dogs at the rescue where I volunteer so I was intrigued when I came across Barks and Bunnies. Amy makes handmade dog treats using quality, natural ingredients.   She has very kindly agreed to do a guest blog for me today telling you all about her Company. Please do visit her website and treat your dog to some home baked goodies for their Christmas stocking.  

Take it away Amy........

What do you feed your dog?

You are probably now thinking words like Pedigree, Royal Canin, Arden Grange, Fish 4 Dogs.

So what if I ask the question ‘What does your dog eat?’

Now you might be thinking of the things they are fussy about, maybe you are thinking they love to eat cheese, but they cant stand Satsuma!

My point is that most likely for the majority of people we still haven’t answered the question of what ingredients and foods your dog is actually eating as their primary food source. We can answer a brand that they eat and we can answer the treats that we give them and the things they don’t like but when it comes to their regular every day meals we generally don’t actually know what we are feeding.

For example there is a brand who has recently been in the press for allegedly including bird feathers in their kibble as a filler. Astoundingly this is perfectly legal and falls under the loopholes of the well known packaging phrase ‘meat or animal derivatives’ which simply put means that any part of any animal could be included in the food.

There is also another well known brand that when you search the internet reveals many concerned owners, trainers and vets who believe that one of the ingredients is potentially a carcinogen and responsible for increased cancer rates in our dogs.

This is part of the reason why we created our own handmade dog treats. As the owner of a dog with Colitis we have to be very careful about what we feed him because his tummy is so sensitive, we also want to be sure of what we are feeding him and that it won’t cause him any harm.

Our handmade treats are made with simple, fresh ingredients and nothing else. We use fresh bananas, parsley, honey, and cheese, all our biscuits are made with ingredients of a quality that we as humans can eat ourselves. In fact I can often be found snacking on them myself when out on our dog walks!

I love to bake our dogs their own treats, I know what they are eating and they enjoy nothing more than waiting beside the AGA for the timer to beep signalling that their treats are ready!

So next time you buy your dog their food please take a moment to look at what you are actually buying, read the ingredients and try to work out what they actually are. And if buying treats from a company such as my own who specialise in handmade dog treats or food please make sure they are fully licensed, insured, registered with Trading Standards and most importantly of all have an Animal Feed Registration Number.

And as a Christmas Treat please do stop by our website to look at our Winter Walks Dog Treat raising money for Oldies Dog charity to help fund the vet bills for all the dogs in their care.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Jilly for inviting us to write this blog, she has some wonderful items for your home and beautiful products which you can give to friends as a gift

I hope you all enjoyed Amy's post and please do go and check out Barks and Bunnies. 

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