Friday, 31 January 2014

Crafty Creatives - Christmas Box.

Following on from my recent posts on Crafty Creatives subscription boxes, I want to show you all what was in their Christmas special box.  The special boxes which they release from time to time, have much more inside, usually 3 mini kits  and loads of bits and bobs.  This one was no exception.  They are of course more expensive at £20 plus P&P.

It looked different from normal, the box although the same size, was in a red wrapper rather than the normal bright pink and it was heavy!

Lets take a look inside and see what I found.
Kit 1. Beaded Xmas bauble with purple beads.
Kit 2. Felt tree decoration with full reel of ribbon.
Kit 3. Lip scrub gifts with all ingredients to make 5 little pots which were also included.
3 wooden snow flakes.
3 Cardboard cones.
Tiny little jingle bells.
10 Xmas tree beads in bright colours.
1m of Xmas ribbon.
2 small plastic rings for making wreaths.
2 mini Xmas boxes.
2 small craft papers.
Silver snowflake charms.
5 x card blanks.
Xmas tree stickers.
Festive cabochon.
Gift wrap seals.
Xmas sequins.  (These had run out so my box contained a Santa bead instead.)

That is a whole lot of stuff.  Not sure how they managed to cram it all in!  Do I think it was good value?  Yes I do. To buy all those bits individually would have cost way more.  Will I make good use of it?  Well some.....

I shall make the lip scrubs and the decorations.  Will probably use the plastic rings to make a couple of tiny wreaths too.

The things I weren't sure about were the cardboard cones, the Xmas tree stickers and the gift wrap seals.  Those last 2 seem to have no place in a craft box.  .

All in all I think it is an excellent box, worth the money and ideal for passing a few hours on a cold afternoon.  Rather a pity I didn't open it up before Christmas but hey ho, there is always next Christmas.  I believe these Christmas boxes are still available on the Crafty Creatives website if you want to get a head start on this years decorations!